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「The Most Gorgeous Imagination About Taiwanese Tea」
About Jing Sheng Yu
The brand Jing Sheng Yu is all about reaching out people with the beauty of Taiwanese tea
Why Taiwanese Tea?

At Jing Sheng Yu, we believe the best tea in the world is Taiwanese tea

Taiwan is blessed to own multiple tea tree species and the most favourable planting environment along with the pioneering craftsmanship in tea making based on centuries of inheritance

which result in about hundred kinds of tea flavour variation

Taiwanese tea is therefore the crystallization of nature and culture, the art of the interaction between human beings and Mother earth

Why Choose Jing Sheng Yu?

We started Jing Sheng Yu to promote Taiwanese tea by making them a part of everyone’s life.

We strive to provide unique and perfect Taiwanese tea drinking experiences for people who want to learn more about the magnificent taste of Taiwan.

We selected teas from all kind of species, terroir and tea making methods, and classified them according to the degree of fermentation, roasting level and other criteria. Our 4 product series covers high mountain tea, floral tea, black tea and even rare aged tea,

京盛宇將台灣茶葉分成四大類別,若是您享受原始自然的茶質、豐富的後味體驗,其中清香系列-自然回甘系列會是您最佳的選擇,敬祝您購物愉快 !
京盛宇將台灣茶葉分成四大類別,若是您享受烘焙溫潤的口感、細膩的中味體驗,其中熟香系列-烘焙溫潤系列會是您最佳的選擇,敬祝您購物愉快 !
京盛宇將台灣茶葉分成四大類別,若是您享受特殊的花果香氣、美好的前味體驗,其中特殊風味-花果香氣系列會是您最佳的選擇,敬祝您購物愉快 !
京盛宇將台灣茶葉分成四大類別,若是您享受歲月陳釀的風味、內斂深沈的氣質,其中窖藏系列-深沈焦香系列會是您最佳的選擇,敬祝您購物愉快 !
「We want to convey the purest and most beautiful taste of Taiwan」
International Shopping

We ship our 100% Taiwanese tea worldwide.
Product can be sent internationally are as below:
Tea Bag|Loose Tea
Alishan Oolong|Lishan Black Tea|Oriental Beauty|Si Ji Chun|Alishan Jingsyuan|Premium Jasmine Green Tea
Free Shopping
  • Germany
We ship our 100% Taiwanese tea worldwide.
Free shipping on eligible orders over TWD 8,000
The shipping fee of TWD 800 will be charged on orders that don’t contain free shipping eligible items or under TWD 8,000