'Jing' in Chinese is a quantifier. Several hundreds of millions, several trillions, several 'Jing' all imply huge quantities. 'Jing' symbolizes the ideal combination of uncountable aspects in the “tea growing, tea making, tea brewing.” These processes are necessary to produce a perfect cup of tea.


'Sheng' in Chinese means 'flourishing'. It can also mean 'vessel'. We are committed to promoting a new tea drinking culture, simple but fashionable, in line with modern life and aesthetic styles.


'Yu' is the space above, beneath, side to side, and back to front, in six spatial directions. Without Taiwan's nourishing soil and climate, this wonderful and tasty tea would be lost.


'Jing Sheng Yu' would like to invite you to enjoy a perfect cup of tea in Taiwan and hopes that, through this unique experience, you will feel the value created by Taiwan's 'nature and culture’.


We started Jing Sheng Yu to promote Taiwanese tea and make their fascination part of everyone’s life.

By fusing together the traditional and modern elements of Taiwanese tea with passion and expertise, we deliver a unique and perfect Taiwanese tea drinking experience through "100% Taiwanese tea leaves + freshly-brewed tea in purple clay teapot + original cold-brewing skill + specially-designed bottle."

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