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Refreshing Series
Original and natural substance Rich aftertaste

In a refreshing, soft and comfortable tone, drinkers savoring the refreshing series will taste the plain substance and the unique temperament nurtured by different local conditions and experience the aftertaste strengthened by hand kneading.
Si Ji Chun
Harvested between winter tea and spring tea, Shi ji Oolong disperses gardenia scent.
Alishan Jingsyuan
The unique milky aroma of Jingsyuan is a surprising taste to your taste buds.
Alishan Oolong
Delicate floral scent and mild sweet taste, the high mountain tea swirls with aroma in your mouth.
Shanlinsi Oolong
The mountain climate of primitive fir forest contributes to the orchid scent with wooden base taste.
Lishan Oolong
Enchantingly cool orchid scent and pectin taste parade the beauty of Qingxin Oolong.
Roasted Series
The warm and smooth roasted taste The delicate middle-ground flavor

Tea of the roasted series delivers a thick, deep and mature tone. Lightly roasted tea carries a touch of honey and the original taste of tea leaves. Darkly roasted tea, on the other hand, has a honey and toasted fragrance, which is especially suitable for one to have a sip in a cold, rainy day.

Lightly Roasted Dongding Oolong
Tea aroma and honey flavor intertwined, a classic taste from the memory lane.
Lightly Roasted Alishan Oolong
With lightly roasted, Alishan Oolong disperses the sophisticated fruity scent of high mountain tea.
Lightly Roasted Sanlinsi Oolong
Exclusive roasting method brings out delicate honey flavor. A product of pride and confidence among Jing Sheng Yu’s lightly roasted teas.
Roasted Sanlinsi Oolong
Amber tea color has aroma of caramelization. It is a strong yet elegant sweet taste.
Tie Guan Yi
Heavily roasted with strong flavor, airing delicious aroma of caramelization and honey.
Special Fragrance
Special Fruit Fragrance for a Beautiful Experience

Some special tea types are not embraced by contemporary culture. However, they all have a place in the history of tea owing to their rare types and unique processing method. We can always recapture the beauty of history and culture through these captivating flavors.
Premium Jasmine Green Tea
Rare and precious species Pekoe has the aromatic and sweet dream taste.
Wunshan Baojhong
Delicate and exquisite tea processing skills bring out the blend of osmanthus blossoms and mountain forests.
Lightly Roasted Wunshan Baojhong
Grain scent of baojhong intensified through slow fire, it is an earthy, pleasant taste.
Taiwanese Black Tea
The black tea is made of the one and only kind of Taiwanese Qingxin Oolong which has orange scent and silky taste and is Jing Sheng Yu's top product.
Oriental Beauty
Sweet and sour like first love, it is a fruity taste of happiness.
Guei Fei Tea
Similar to Oriental Beauty in flavor, there is a rich lychee aroma.
Lishan Black Tea
Balancing taste from the fruity honey fragrance.
Flavor of history and taste of sophistication
Aged Taiwanese Oolong
Abundant yet concordant tastes. Indulge in the history with a sip.
Aged Tie Guan Yin
Rare and precious aged Tie Guan Yi that has rich and solid sour taste.
Aged Dongding Oolong
Aged dongding without second roasting shines the past glory of Taiwan tea with its golden tea color.